Last Meetings Minutes
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LOCATION – Zoom (Virtual Meeting)

DATE – 7th October 2021

PRESENT – John Archer – Chairman, Councillor John Blundell, Mick Fitzpatrick – Treasurer, Sheila Weare – Minutes Secretary.
Plus 9 members of the Association.
WELCOME – John A thanked everyone for attending the meeting. He will ask Grange Farm School if we can return after half-term. John A reported that at 8.30 am one morning, the fountains in the War Memorial Park play area were working and he wondered if the controls had been incorrectly set. APOLOGIES – Councillor Mattie Heaven.
MINUTES – The minutes of the meeting held on 9th September 2021 were presumably accepted.
MATTERS ARISING – Restoration of Hedge in Meadow – Mick read out an email response from Dan Powell, Coventry City Council, which stated that the operative had said the gap was ‘already there’ and he caused no further damage. John B thinks there may be technical problems including poor training and lack of supervision. He hopes the Director will investigate the situation. Save the Tree in Beanfield Avenue – this has received extensive media coverage following the petition and residents’ meeting. John B reported that the views of all interested parties will be considered but, because of existing legislation, it is highly likely the tree will be removed. This would be a very upsetting outcome for all involved. Some ‘replacement’ trees already in Beanfield Avenue have, worryingly, died already. Pavement Repairs, Mantilla Drive – this is in progress. A deep pothole in the road surface near Wade Avenue has been repaired. There has also been further activity by City Fibre. City Fibre are allowed to cut out paving slabs, but other utility companies are not allowed to do this. John B advised there is a Section 58 protection clause on Beanfield Avenue which prevents fibre optic cable being installed in the pavement. A general discussion followed on the quality of workmanship of City Fibre and Callan Connect. Repairs to the Animal Pound – the Lord Mayor was very interested in our efforts when he recently visited the site. Promises of help from Dave Lewis and Mark Yates (Coventry City Council) had not materialised. The pound is once again very overgrown. Since the meeting, John B has emailed Mark Yates requesting a meeting and dates when the work could be done. Godiva Festival – John B advised that 50,000 people had attended the festival and 70 people had taken advantage of the Covid vaccination facility. He will enquire what profit or loss was made.
LOCAL POLICE UPDATE – Sgt. Darren Betts is ‘out of the office until further notice’ and no crime statistics were available.
COUNCILLOR JOHN BLUNDELL – there is a problem in some parts of the Ward with refuse collections, although our area would seem to be well served. At the next Council meeting discussion will be given to investment in a Very Light Rail system.